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“Simplicity is not an objective in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one’s self by entering into the real sense of things.” Constantin Brancusi

It is my belief that positive creativity is the main purpose of the human capacity for intention. My principal aim when painting is to escape the stresses of daily life and create a more beautiful and meaningful environment for myself and anyone viewing my work. It also helps me to translate the emotional reactions I have to my surroundings into something I can more easily understand. Art is the language I use to speak and sometimes argue with myself. When I work, I feel isolated from the world’s ever increasing infatuation with the vulgar, aggressive, and loud.  Painting is an antidote to the deception from the political discourse and the mediocrity of the populist rise, and most importantly to the claustrophobia from routine.

I work primarily in abstract ways. The main subject of my work is life as a unit of time and the immortalization of the moments that too rarely stand out against the unremarkable everyday of existence. To translate these ideas into my paintings I experiment equally with the application of pigments as I do with their removal, creating marred and injured surface revealing traces like faded memories too stubborn to be forgotten.

My inspiration is drawn from the chaotic and the unpredictable in nature and in all matters created. I stand in awe of the works of the Artists of the Abstract Expressionist movement in 1950s New York. I study artists like Vasudeo Gaitonde, Zheng Congbin, Fernando Zobel or Pierre Soulages, and draw from the sculptures of Daniel Frachon. I am curious about, even envious of the bonds between the artists in movements from Dada to Urban Street Art, and am intrigued by the words of the French decadent-romantic poets. Aesthetically, I am drawn to Asian abstract calligraphy and I am a student of the Japanese Wabi Sabi sensitivity. But more than anything, my travels around the world have provided me with the strongest sense of self. The journeys I have taken have made me the man and the artist that I am. Travel has given my restless mind the best of all education: I have learned to smell, touch, hear and see; I have learned to give, lose, laugh and fear.


Member of the Redwoods Art Association and the Humboldt Arts Council.