Urban Horizons, an abstract photographic essay

Digitally enhanced urban decay photographs

When I take my photos in urban environments I seek out dirty, soiled and worn out spots in which I find lines- small horizons, little worlds in which I allow myself to slip in and where my imagination goes free to meditate, tell stories and escape the human impositions of the concrete labyrinth that cities represent. The aesthetic inspiration is for this work comes from the principles described in Wabi Sabi philosophy; the acceptance that beauty is to be found in the natural cycle of life and death, that nothing is permanent and the way to nothingness goes through wear and decay, a process worthy to be observed for its inherant beauty. As a photographer therefore I become a finger pointer, not to denounce but to direct towards the beauty that goes unnoticed, the one that disguises itself as ugliness, the one that hides, ashamed because it does not fit its creators’ intents anymore. Horizons have long been a theme of my work. I am privileged to live here in Northern California where horizons are plentiful and varied, horizons that keep me guessing for what’s beyond, horizons that excite my need to make up worlds I’d like to discover. Yet in metropolises horizon lines are quasi non-existent and I miss them. My work is a small remedy to compensate and make up for it. These shots here were taken mostly in Barcelona with a few caught in Prague, Berne, Paris and Tokyo. I choose not to identify each photo by location as I prefer them to exist on their own visual merits. Through color and contrast intensification followed by print on textured matte paper I intent to coherently link the abstract aesthetics of my photography with those of my paintings. What I wish is to present to the viewer a series of small scenes open to interpretations, and I hope you’ll find the experience to be conducive to imaginings and storytelling.